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Dealer Incentive Program

    Program Definition: The Dealer Incentive Program is an awards program designed to reward dealers with free advertising for selling CargoGlide products.
    Program Reward: CargoGlide will pay for Digitial Marketing to be executed for the qualified dealers. Digital Marketing includes Google Ads, Facebook Ads, mobile phone advertising, pay-per-click advertising, landing page, website retargeting, search engine retargeting, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing. The dealer can work with CargoGlide and select a custom marketing plan based on their individual needs.
    Program Qualifications: A CargoGlide dealer must sign the Dealer Incentive Program agreement. For every 10 units sold inside of a year, CargoGlide will run 1 month of free advertising for the dealer in their area. It is the responsibility of the dealer to email their P.O. immediately after the sell to their CargoGlide representative in order to keep track of how many units are sold. Dealers who wait a year to send in all the P.O.s that they have acquired over a long period of time will not receive an award. If a qualified dealer on the Dealer Incentive Program sells 50 units of CargoGlide products inside of one year, Jan.-Dec., CargoGlide will reward that business with 1 free CG1000 truck floor for their business truck for promotional use.
    A qualified CargoGlide product is defined as one of three items: 1. TrailSlide, CG, HD, XL series floor slide. 2. Truck WallSlide. 3. Van WallSlide. Accessories do not count towards the sum of CargoGlide products sold.

    I, (your name) with (your dealership) would like to participate in the Dealer Incentive Program and be eligible to win awards. I recognize there is no cost to me or my business. I understand I am eligible to win awards by selling CargoGlide Truck Trays. I will provide the P.O. for each unit sold immediately after the completion of the sell order.
    Name of your business:
    Owner’s Name:
    Manager’s Name or Key Contact:
    Which warehouse distributor do you buy from:
    Business address:
    Business main and secondary phone number:
    Business website:
    Business main email:
    Upload photos of store front and show room floor:

    Confidentiality Statement: The contents of this agreement and any attachments are intended solely for the addressee(s) and may contain confidential and/or legally privileged information. You are notified that any disclosure, dissemination, distribution, copying, or sharing of this agreement or any attachment is strictly prohibited.

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