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OSHA-approved jobsites require stairs for steps that are above 19 inches and handrails for stairs that are more than two steps. This is ultimately for the workers’ safety, preventing leaps and jumps from jobsite ledges that could prove dangerous—especially if the worker is carrying heavy materials and equipment.

Now picture a construction crew rolling up to an OSHA-approved jobsite in a Ford Super Duty. The crew is told to grab materials and equipment from the bed of a truck that is 35 to 40 inches off the ground. The workers climb in and out of the truck bed, load themselves down with materials and tools, and then proceed to jump off the tailgate. This scenario, which happens often, just turned an OSHA-approved jobsite into a disaster waiting to happen.

There are codes and regulations in place at the jobsite to keep employees safe, but when it comes to their vehicle there’s no safety code. How does that make sense? The answer: It doesn’t.

To combat this, one company is steadily changing the game.

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