WallSlide comes with Bare
Aluminum Walls

Wall Canopy

Compatible with any CargoGlide

Bulkhead Wallslide

Gantry Crane

Aluminum Walls
Wall Canopy
Compatible w/ CG
Gantry Crane
CG Wallslide
30" - 110"
500 lbs per Wall **options up to 1,500lbs**
500 - 600 lbs
Custom Sizes Available

The WallSlide System is a steel framework mounted inside the van with aluminum sliding bare walls. You can mount most brands and sizes of shelving to WallSlide. You can be creative as need to be when you choose how to best maximize the storage space in your van.

Standard Specifications:

  • Wall Canopy
  • WallSlide comes with bare aluminum walls
  • Walls are compatible with most brands of shelving
  • WallSlide system is available for most vans
  • USA Steel Frame
  • Lighting Options
  • Proximity Sensor Option
  • Custom Shelves Available
  • Motorized or Manual Left and Right Walls

Technical Support:

Ford Transit 148? Wheel Base, Mid Roof Mercedes Metris 126" wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter 144wb Standard Roof Master Pro 136" Wheelbase, High Roof Chevy Express Savanna 135wb Ram Promaster City 122wb Ram ProMaster High Roof 159wb

The CargoGlide WallSlide system has several options designed to improve safety, efficiency and productivity on your jobsite. A powder coated steel framework supports the sliding walls made from a solid sheet of 1/8 inch aluminum that your customized shelving will attach to. The supporting rail structure is made from high strength 6061-T6 hardened aircraft grade aluminum alloy and slides on industrial cam follower needle bearings. Remote controlled motor options drive to open and close the walls. The optional Ceiling and Wall Canopy will keep your cargo safe from inclement weather.

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