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Cargoglide Wallslide

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Cargoglide Wallslide 2

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Cargoglide Truck Wallslide

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CargoGlide WallSlide

Imagine never having to climb into a truck or van to retrieve anything on the walls, floor, or ceiling.

Welcome to CargoGlide’s rolling tray systems and our one of a kind multi-patented WallSlide Systems.

CargoGlide WallSlide allows everything stored on a fixed shelf, drawer, or bin to roll out 100%. This enables the back of any van to carry large capacities of weight. CargoGlide WallSlide can be manually or automatically driven! Additionally, a rolling CargoGlide truck tray on your van floor, and a mounted ceiling glide mechanism will allow you to retrieve anything needed on a flat, horizontal, floor, or ceiling surface.

You will never have to get in and out of the back of your vehicle again, this significantly reduces the risk of injury and drastically improves the efficiency of your work vehicle. CargoGlide Roof Slide can be customized with LED lighting systems to carry your productivity well into the night. A manufactured CargoGlide Canopy can be attached to your Roof Slide in order to provide shelter for your tools and material in poor weather conditions. Bins and Shelves can be easily mounted to our WallSlide systems. CargoGlide WallSlide offer premium organization and orderly storage for diverse equipment, tools, and packages. Whether you are hauling heavy loads, making dozens of deliveries, or completing service calls for your customers...CargoGlide is simply the safest, most productive way to get to your gear.

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