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Cargoglide Reviews

Jaran Springer

I would absolutely NOT be able to go back to working out of my pickup without a Cargo Glide! It is so time saving allows me to get to the back of my bed even with my shell and not having to climb in the bed in seconds! I absolutely love, love my glide, and I have become friends with Brad the owner. He's very busy because he really pours his heart into his business and it shows. They have great customer service and the employees are friendly and very professional! I will NEVER be able to go back to climbing in the bed at every job. I own a service business and the cargo glide is worth is weight in gold. I love telling everyone about it because it genuinely changed my life for the better!

March 2017 | Source: Google Reviews

Scott Smith

This product can change how you work. If you own a truck or van and do any work out of it, or haul anything in them, you Need Cargoglide. Revolutionary in what they have and I hear even more amazing products are coming out.

August 2016 | Source: Google Reviews

Cindy Vimpany

I got this for an amazing price and I was already aware that Cargo Glide

January 2017 | Source: Amazon Reviews

Bob CF

Overall, makes my job much easier. Glides well most of the time, sometimes gets a bit held up but overall a solid built slide out. Would buy again!

October 2016 | Source: Amazon Reviews

Douglas Fries

The Cargoglide was everything that I expected and it was really easy to install.

June 2016 | Source: Amazon Reviews